About Closes

In America most forms of massage therapy are performed with the client partially or completely undressed. The client is covered in a sheet and blanket, and the therapist reveals only the area being worked on.
An important thing to understand is that certain styles of bodywork, particularly myofascial and Swedish, require direct skin contact to be fully effective.

However, the most important thing is that you, the client, are comfortable. You can choose to be undressed (naked), partially dressed (underwear), or lightly dressed (shorts and camisole). Whatever you choose, the session will commence with your comfort, privacy, and modesty as a top priority.



About Draping

Draping is the term massage therapists in America use to describe the uncovering of various parts of the body to protect the client's modesty. When you receive a session where you are undressed in any way, you will be covered with a sheet and an optional blanket. The therapist will use techniques they learned at vocational school or workshops to uncover only the area of the body they intend to work with.

For example, if the therapist will work on your right leg, they will drape the sheet so that only your right leg is exposed. The draping techniques used by Remy are of the highest security. Ensuring you are never inappropriately exposed at any time during your visit.

ドレーピングは、身体のさまざまな部分をワークする際、クライアントのプライバシーを保護するために使用される技術です。服を脱いでセッションを受ける時、クライアントはシーツや毛布で覆われています。 セラピストはマッサージスクールやワークショップで学んだドレーピングのテクニックを使って、ワークする部分だけをシーツから出し明らかにします。

たとえばセラピストが右脚をワークする場合、右脚のみが露出するようにシーツをドレープします。 私が行うこのドレーピング技術は最高の安全性を備えています。常に不適切な露出は決して無いことを保証します。