What to Expect

Rolfing is done on a bodywork table, but there is more client movement than during a massage. Clients typically shift positions several times in a session to allow better contact to the area being worked. Sheets for draping, blankets for temperature control, and pillows for comfort in varying positions will be available. 


What should I wear?

Underwear is typically worn during the session. For guys this means wearing some form of briefs. For ladies this means wearing briefs and preferably a standard bra (sports bras, cross straps, and strapless tend to cause patterns of holding we want to avoid during the work.). As always the client's comfort level is very important to me, and atypical/non binary gendered persons should feel free to speak to me directly about any concerns or questions regarding attire.


How often should I receive sessions?

As often as once a week, but time lapsed between sessions should not exceed one month. The work takes time to integrate properly, and often it best serves the client to have time between sessions to move around in their body as changes in patterns develop.


Do I have to commit to ten sessions?

No, you will experience the benefits after your first session.
Rolfing is a process, and as such takes time to integrate. The 10 series works, and it is able to achieve fabulous results because the entire organism is considered through the process. Each session has short term benefits that include pain reduction, increased mobility, more balance, etc. but it is when the series is done in proper succession that these benefits stack and amplify one another.


Does it hurt?

Rolfing gained notoriety for being painful in its early days, but has developed substantially with new scientific and medical knowledge. As such the work no longer brings the client into a pain experience, but we work efficiently within the bounds of the individual's comfort level. I believe it's possible to be both painless, and effective.


About time of session

1 session 65 minutes (15min interview and movement test / 50min hands on). Time for changing clothes is not included.