Life is hectic. While we push to make ourselves better day by day, and we ask so much of our bodies. Your body is the vessel in which you view, interpret, and interact with the world and people around you. Your legs carry you where you must go. Your hands and arms work together to change the space around you. Your torso literally breathes life into your entire system, and your head orients to whatever task you ask of it. Cradled inside the miraculous organism that is the human body is your very essence. 

Bodywork is the art of contacting a person physically to effect positive change on their system. In doing so the person receiving the work makes the decision to give back to their body. This body which we live in is our home, our window to the world, and our vehicle for change. Some consider bodywork and massage a luxury or the act of pampering oneself, but I challenge that notion. I believe bodywork is one of the purest forms of self care, and my calling is to help others experience happiness through this work.





Massage therapy is the act of hands on muscle manipulation to soften areas of discomfort, creating ease in the person’s system. My personal style of massage involves the use of oil or lotion as a medium to create flowing and friction-less tissue manipulation. My experience has taught me to apply just enough pressure to effect positive change, therefore my style is adaptive in nature and not painful. The person receiving the massage, or client, is typically undressed and laying on a table where both the table and the client are covered with a set of sheets. The sheets create a barrier for the client's modesty, and allow the practitioner to uncover only areas being worked on.

マッサージセラピーは素肌に直接的に働きかけ、固くなっている柔組織を本来の健全な状態に導いていくワークです。私のマッサージスタイルは、オイルまたはローションも使用することで、摩擦のない流れるような組織へのワークを行います。 経験からより良い変化をもたらすための充分な圧をかけることを学んだため、私のマッサージはクライアントの要望を第一とし、ほぼ痛みはありません。一般的に、マッサージを受けるクライアントは服を脱ぎ、シーツを掛けてテーブルに横になります。 シーツはクライアントのプライバシーや安心感を護る役割を果たし、またセラピストがワークをする領域のみを明らかにすることを可能にします。




Rolfing® is not massage therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture/pressure, or bodyworker technique.

Named after its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the structure of the body through manipulation of the soft tissue. We so reorganize the body through comprehensive manual therapy, client movement reeducation, and the 10 series formula given to us by its designer, Dr. Rolf. Research has demonstrated that Rolfing results in more efficient muscle use, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates more refined patterns of movement.




Remy Nitta

Remy grew up in the Ellicott City area working at their parent's business until moving around in search of a profession that felt right. Eventually Remy learned they had an aptitude for touch, and began researching massage therapy in 2008. Remy fell in love with the rewarding and often peaceful work of manual therapy, and began a fulfilling career. Through the course of their work, Remy found that the most rewarding experience for them was in corrective therapies focused on healing a malady. This led Remy to seek more knowledge and skill in Boulder Colorado at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

Remy loves working with teachers, gamers, folks from every stripe of healthcare profession, and fellow human travelers of all varieties. Remy is a strong ally and friend of the LGBTQIA+ community, and does not tolerate hate speech targeted at ANY person.

They strongly believe that courtesy is free, and a genuine smile can make a difference.




Graduated from the baltimore school of massage (studied under Sue Costa). Member of the Japanese Rolfing® Association. Completed phase I-III at the Rolf institute® in Boulder CO. Became a certified Rolfer in November of 2017.
Adam Mentzell (Phase1) / Neal Anderson (Phase1/Phase3) / Meg Mauer (Phase1) / Michael Polon (Phase1 Physiology) / Kevin McCoy (Phase2) / Also learned from many of the Rolf Institute teachers.

Baltimore Schoole of Massage 卒(Sue Costaに師事)。日本ロルフィング®協会会員。米国Dr.Ida Rolf Institute®にてPhaseⅠ~Ⅲを履修。2017年11月 公認Rolferとなる。
Adam Mentzell (Phase1) / Neal Anderson (Phase1/Phase3) / Meg Mauer (Phase1) / Michael Polon (Phase1 Physiology) / Kevin McCoy (Phase2) / 他多数に学ぶ。




60 min 8,000 yen

90 min 11,200 yen

120 min 14,400 yen

Deep Tissue

60 min 9,000 yen

90 min 12,600 yen

120 min 16,200 yen


60 min 8,500 yen

90 min 11,900 yen

120 min 15,300 yen


65 min 12,000 yen

15min interview and movement test / 50min hands on

The above rate will be subject to 10% consumption tax from 1 October 2019.




HF Umeda Residence Tower #1502 1-3-6 Sonezaki, Kita-Ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0057 JAPAN

〒530-0057 大阪府大阪市北区曾根崎1-3-6 HF梅田レジデンスタワー1502


OPEN:Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6pm / Friday-Saturday 2pm-9pm

CLOSE:Monday & Irregular holidays

■ Cancellation policy

I request that you notify me of the cancellation of a session 24 hours before the session is to take place. This will allow me to give another client the opportunity to book a session in your absence. In the event a sessions is cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment, I request 1/2 of the service charge. I do however understand that sometimes things happen outside of our control, and situations will be based on a case by case basis.